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How To Monetize Your Website: Tip #7 Selling Services

By Almond

Selling Services is a popular go-to technique that people use to drive revenue for a website and is a major reason that people build a website or blog.

Selling Services is also a smart way to get the word out to a larger audience than traditional media and is great for driving traffic especially when done in blog form.

The easiest avenue for Selling Services on a website is to create a new menu, page or category within WordPress and call it “Services.”

Fill this menu, page, or category with information e.g. what you offer, what people are saying about your services aka testimonials, and cap it with a Call-to-Action button that you will find most appropriate for your purpose.

To payment for converted sales post Selling Services, options are paypal or bank transfer.

Benefits of Selling Services To Monetize Your Website:

  • High conversion, if your blog is written well and chock full of information that prospective clients need, they will want more!
  • Highly profitable when the right target market is reached.
  • Easy to deliver especially when you have a team that are experts in the services you are selling.
  • Refunds don’t happen often.

There is one drawback: While your website or blog is a new player in the digital space, there will be a period of time when you will have zero to only a few inquiries. As with any endeavor, professional or otherwise, you just have to keep at it until you see results, which you will, in time.

Got services to sell but don’t know how to begin?

Maybe we can help.

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