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How To Monetize Your Website: Tip #6

By Almond

Creating a Job Board is our 6th tip to monetize your website; an excellent business opportunity that is mutually beneficial and smart as droves of people go online to find career opportunities.

Five Steps to Creating a Job Board for potential hires and lots of shares!

Register a Domain for Your Online Job Board means naming it (pick one that is simple and easy to understand) and registering it as a domain name[i] while keeping in mind that a dot com (.com) domain carries more weight than its lesser relatives. You can also look for names on the web for inspo.[ii] Lastly, once you have picked a name and successfully registered said name refrain from changing it as it will be a gloriously messy affair for your SEO standing (avoid at all costs!).

Find Quality Hosting with the following attributes: reliability, excellent performance[iii], relatively affordable pricing, 24/7 support, and features complementing your job board. Further, must be able to offer four main hosting services: Shared Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Registration, and SSL Certificates.

Go with a Platform to Build Your Online Job Board which is either a Content Management System (CMS)[iv] such WordPress[v] (Yes!), Joomla[vi] or Drupal[vii]

Create a Job Board and Let the World Know Your Job Postings. Do not forget to add a plugin. Install and activate said plugin. An example of a plugin[viii] that is direct to the point and instantly tells your readers “Yeah, Here ye lies the jobs.” All you have to accomplish here is list down the job details etc.

Monetize by creating a paid membership system. Use the Membership & Content Restriction Plugin (for this purpose, we use WordPress)[ix] so that only logged users can see the job postings.

Creating a Job Board and Monetizing it requires three things:[x]

  1. Enabled user registration on your WordPress website
  2. An SSL certificate, which you can set up through Hostinger
  3. A PayPal account, to collect your subscription earnings

When all that has been accomplished, you must curate jobs that people will find most valuable and would convert them to paid users of your job board.

To recap, we have so far discussed Email Marketing, Promoting Products as an Affiliate, Creating & Selling Your Own Digital Product, Selling Advertising Space,  Creating Great Content, and Creating a Job Board.

Creating a Job Board?

Don’t know how and where to begin?

We’re here to get you started.

We’ve the system to set you up.

We can help curate jobs for high-value talents.

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