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It takes a team of talented people to build any business. From pre-sales, sales, delivery, after-sales customer care. For business objectives and making a profit. To managing pressure on a daily basis. For precise, accurate, 24/7 human-to-human interaction with a heart and soul…

Hive Manila has a bevy of
VAs that are right-fit for your needs.


Business Communications Crafting

Get the precise message across to your sales, marketing, and support teams. Communicate with customers effectively and in a genuine manner.

Market Research & Planning

Do you know honestly know what your market clamors for? Are there needs yet unmet? Where is your niche exactly? Who are you competing with for market share? Find your answers and more.

Communications Funneling

Micro Content (tweet it!), Blog Post (show your personality!), Authority Article (hot topics), and Sales Pages (benefits of your product/service, customer testimonials, clear and motivating Call-to-Action for successful sales conversion).

Digital Customer and Public Relations

Make a great imPRession through good, honest, trustworthy and reliable service that are more than just words. Having a great PR team working closely with customer service means complaints are addressed harmoniously and resolved in a positive manner for both parties. Remember, it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one unresolved negative one. When PR and CR team up, those numbers improve, and we all benefit.

Customer Experience Journey Development

It simply isn’t enough to have a product or service out there. The Customer Journey is more complex and involves building awareness, answering queries which could be your Point-of-Sale, Pricing, Purchase, Post-Sales Support, Handling/Resolving Complaints, Upgrading, and Renewing. Meet your customer touchpoints via website, email, phone, and messaging.

Key Business Relations Management

The industry describes this as a troubled marriage in need of guidance and it’s true. Project success is not just technical and project management skills, human qualities are crucial. If you have issues in communication, collaboration, coordination, negotiation, leadership and decision-making precisely in the IT department and other key parts of running a business, look no further. We have consultants to help.

Customer Service Spiel Development

Say what you mean, mean what you say. Craft the right words to retain and grow customers.

Digital and Social Media Growth Management

Your way to the web doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot. With us, LESS means MORE. If your message resonates, your numbers will grow. We’re here to show you how.

Corporate - Level Schedule and Meeting Management

Busy is as busy does. When it gets too much to handle, let us manage your schedules so all you have to do is show up and slay all day.

Events Management

Plan, organize, coordinate, communicate, and mount events with our VA team.

Sales and Promotions Development

Boost sales or convince your customers to switch.

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