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Hive Manila Startup to Success: Why it’s Awesome to Startup from Home

By Almond

“The best way to measure how much you’ve grown isn’t by inches or the number of laps you can now run around the track, or even your grade point average– though those things are important, to be sure. It’s what you’ve done with your time, how you’ve chosen to spend your days, and whom you’ve touched this year. That, to me, is the greatest measure of success.” — Wonder

Startup Spotlight

In its November 18, 2018 digital feature on Startup Spotlight, writer Marga Bellossillo interviewed Hive Manila Creative Solutions founder Roland Opeda and co-founder and wife Ciarra Monillas-Opeda about the inspiration behind the company and that is that they both know for a fact that there is more to life than just working for a living.

Hive Manila Creative Solutions, a startup that just launched in August of this year may read like a buzzy, busy digital haven offering digital services such as virtual assistance, content management, mobile/web development and business outsource processing. It is that, but in this company there is genuinely work-life balance because it offers work for people like me who love working from home.

Startup Offers Work-from-Home

Hive Manila Creative Solutions is an awesome place to work in the luxury of my own home. Roland and Ciarra are great listeners, they collaborate, are kind, considerate, and full of humor! They give credit where credit is due, honest truth.

8 Reasons Why I Love Working for a Startup

  1. I have more responsibility. Our team is small and I am the only one with this kind of skillset. I am the go-to writer, blogger, editor. I am not the most important part of the team. Far from it. However, I am an integral part of the team which is a great feeling to have.
  2. I have more opportunities to grow as a writer. My mentor, Hive Manila Creative Solutions Roland Opeda, taught and introduced me to WordPress and SEO which broadened my skills in just a few months.
  3. I learn from genuine innovators. People who start their own business like Hive Manila Creative Solutions’ Roland and Ciarra Opeda approach problems in unique and creative ways which in turn, help me learn things only innovators like them can teach.
  4. My work is recognized.
  5. No dress code. I wear what I want because I work from home.
  6. I am learning to spend wisely. Startups don’t pay as much which teaches me to be incredibly wise when it comes to spending. Instead of focusing on shopping and eating out, I find happiness in being part of a startup that wants to help other businesses succeed. I know the reward will come when it is time. Hint: salary increase and benefits.
  7. Personal Ownership. Working at a startup and spreading the news of what we do makes me take pride in my work and that of the team’s hard work, ability and the risk they take in running the business.
  8. Work-Life Balance. There’s so much of this in Hive Manila Creative Solutions. The founders support, encourage and live this.

Startup, Start Here

Hive Manila Creative Solutions makes me feel at home, literally and figuratively. It’s a great place to work without the burden of commuting and punching in and out as those who work in traditional companies do.

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