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How To Monetize Your Website: Tip #5

By Almond

To monetize your website we’ve so far touched on Email Marketing, Promoting Products as an Affiliate, Creating & Selling Your Own Digital Product, and Selling Advertising Space.

To monetize your website also includes our 5th tip: Creating Great Content.

Creating great content will depend on your business interests keeping in mind that these should be interesting, arresting, and relatable.

Three Ways to Creating Great Content

Blogging about compelling content that people will be interested to spend time reading, commenting, and sharing. The first two are regular reading behaviors but expecting your readers to organically share is another thing. Don’t worry about this especially during the early aughts of your blog. Just concentrate on building compelling articles and the sharing will follow.

Videos will always be a major trend. Your business should already be in this to pull people into your site. Why? Internet bandwidth is ready for it. Whatever device people are on, video can stream. More proof? Netflix. Second, Mobile technology is front-and-center of innovations in video streaming. Third and last, less competition in video content providing more opportunity to be seen.

Podcasts advances in technology make podcasts viable. Podcasters now have a range of topics that they can share with like-mind/like-interest people. If you put in the time and effort to find the pulse of your audience, podcasting can monetize your website.

Personal Attributes to Creating Great Content

When it comes to creating great content, you must be in tune with what your audience wants, what will pique their interest and keep them coming back for more.

Creating great content must also be about your passion to serve your market. Otherwise, you will quit when you are discouraged by the numbers.

Be relatable. Avoid being jargon-heavy.

Interact with your audience/readers. Answer their questions in a sincere and genuine manner.

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