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How To Monetize Your Website: Tip #3

By Almond

We began this article series by talking about Tip#1Email Marketing and how it helps monetize your website.

Previously, we talked about Tip #2 Promoting Products as an Affiliate which brings in the following benefits:

Can earn you big bucks!

Easy to setup and doesn’t require much support.

Passive income.

Today’s blog topic is the third in our series courtesy of Income Diary’s Michael Dunlop[i]

Tip #3 Creating & Selling Your Own Digital Product

IncomeDiary, an online blog, observes, very accurately, that the citizens of the world wide web are bananas about making money online especially when it comes to creating and selling their own digital product.

Creating and selling their own digital product that is relevant for people to buy now…a sort of urgency created by a generation that needs instant gratification. Some may view this as a negative but this is great for business.

Some examples of people who have successfully created and sold products are:

  • A tutorial on how to start an internet business by Mike Marani[ii]
  • The Kombucha website – ranked the #1 kombucha website, based on customers, subscribers, and positive reviews![iii]
  • Mobile Apps and Designs
  • How To Make Money on the Internet as a Fitness Professional[iv]
  • eMillions: Behind-the-Scenes Stories of 14 Successful Internet Millionaires[v]

Creating and Selling Your  Own Digital Product Must Meet a Need, Fill a Gap.

Before you get all gung-ho about creating a 60-page presentation and selling it as a PDF, a word…

First, you must genuinely know what the audience needs and then fill that gap. If the product exists online, you must make yours better than that.

Check out 22-year old Stanley Tang’s Door Dash a software technology company. They don’t actually own any physical infrastructure, such as cars, warehouses, GPS tracking etc. Instead, they build software and use mobile to create a platform that connects drivers who have excess time with merchants that want to offer deliveries.[vi]

Benefits and Drawback

Second, you must be acutely aware of the benefits and drawback of this strategy.


  • Affiliates send you traffic, build your business.
  • Passive income because of affiliates promoting it.
  • Great for building your brand and authority.
  • Big Money Earner.


  • Time consuming to setup.

There is room for your idea and if you think that creating and selling your own digital product will improve the lives of people, let us know.

We’re here to get you started.

We’ve the system to set you up.

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